måndag 9 augusti 2010


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  1. Beautiful Indian Chief! 1935? 1936?

    I have 5 Indians. You look like you are having a lot of fun on yours. -Ted

  2. 1939. And - what's more - it comes from your part of the world: Santa Barbara, California! The Chief has found it's way to our cold little corner of the world.
    5 indians; wow! All running?
    Having fun - yes! This is keeping me busy right now: in two weeks we are having a Scandinavian Indian Rally right where I live.

  3. No way, you fooled me with the shifter running off the tranny tower. Oh well, I'm not a purist. I also have a '39 Chief, that is not running, but the '38-'39 Chiefs are my favorite Indians. When Indian finally swapped the horn and headlight positions in '38 it created the most beautiful line from the headlight to the hardtail. Not to mention the amazing paint and pinstriping of the late 30s. I have a '32,39,42,46, and 48 Chief. Two running, one almost there. The rally sounds like fun.-Ted