lördag 17 januari 2009

Big game hunting in Sweden

Hi Here is pic's from October -08, a morning this autumn, filled of dew and crisp colours... Maybe I can temtate someone to make a comment? A lot of you out there is pro- or against hunting. However hunting is a part of my life. We place the hunters out by boat. The little dinghy-like thing is for transportation of the elk over the lake. It is a lot of struggle - as you can see - to get the meat home.

torsdag 15 januari 2009

No one was refused

Picture of pictures, Vårsalong, Bohusläns Museum
Rasmus is making his pick of pic's

onsdag 14 januari 2009


To my brother Björn:
I wish You a Happy Birthday today

söndag 11 januari 2009

The Horse Center


The chairs are waiting for a sun-warmed body
My bike is waiting for dry roads
My cottage is waiting for some paint
S/Y Camara's keel is a stunning landscape. She is also waiting for some painting to be done.
Tribal-ice patterns on the ground from my car, worthy making a tatto of?

fredag 9 januari 2009

torsdag 8 januari 2009

Iskallt självporträtt

En' kollar in

onsdag 7 januari 2009

Suddenly, from out of space..

Fotosafari med Rasmus
Curious wild guys, - they didn't mind to have a good look at me
Boat rib cage